Case Study: SEKO Lead Generation

Seko Logistics is a global logistics and supply chain company that delivers tailored solutions to meet the needs of their clients. Offering award-winning ecommerce solutions, value-added freight forwarding, expedited shipping and specialist white glove services through their unrivaled global hub network, SEKO is an industry leader always looking towards future innovation. In line with their strategy, Curious Minds was engaged by Seko Logistics’ global office to deliver lead generation and brand building on social media platforms via paid and organic social media to help continue to grow their brand globally.

The Challenge

With a focus on expanding their global reach, building significant brand awareness and acquiring high quality leads across the US & UK markets, we were tasked with delivering a unique, tailored digital marketing strategy that could drive all these goals across a number of verticals, and scale.

As with any B2B marketing and lead generation campaign, the main challenge was pairing the right content on the right platform and reaching a relatively niche audience that represents key decision makers within target industries.

The Strategy

The strategy we developed needed to take into account a number of unique features of SEKO’s sales proposition along 3 key verticals. We needed to ensure we were in front of our key audiences across multiple touchpoints, as the conversion journey would be relatively extensive. We also needed to provide value through content and thought leadership within the space to increase credibility and trust.

Utilising LinkedIn advertising’s ability to specifically target job titles, we would use this as our primary awareness channel, with video content and engaging imagery that directed to relevant landing pages on the SEKO website our core approach. From there, we would build up a significant audience we could remarket to across all digital advertising channels, in particular Facebook & Instagram, where competitors were not focusing, but we could target potential clients in their downtime. The full journey is illustrated below.

blog image

Understand the value of a lead

Initially the audience was low intent, broad targeting, with high content interest, and a broad content strategy was implemented to filter audience by top of funnel video engagement prior to increasingly detailed retargeting.

Our data driven approach was focused on achieving the highest rates of conversion at the lowest cost per acquisition. By continuously trialing combinations of creative execution, targeting approaches and landing page UX, we could ensure we’re always achieving the best results possible.

The Results

1. Delivered leads at 58% lower cost than industry average
2. Increased site traffic by 200% in the first 3 months
3. Leads converted at a rate 100% higher than previous campaigns

The results speak for themselves, not only were we able to achieve SEKO’s goal to significantly increase brand awareness by driving traffic to their site and establishing a prominent digital footprint, we were able to generate high quality leads at a fantastic cost per acquisition. The key to the campaign’s success so far is in developing a unique, tailored strategy to achieve SEKO’s stated goals. Every company, every campaign and every audience is different, and by evaluating what solutions best fit the specific needs of the client we are able to continually produce results that impress.

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